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Company Profile

With the motto of "real kindness", we will welcome all of you with customer service.

Aso Guru, hot springs sommelier retaining the Yumerindo is, will deliver the Aso Kurokawa attractive to customers.


August 30, 1955
Established "Goshi Kaisha Kirakuyu"
Construction and opening of "Popular Bath Kirakuyu" in Wakaba Town, Kumamoto City

May 19, 1966
Changed the company name to "Senomotokan Joint Stock Company Se"
Kurokawa Onsen Construction and opening of "Ryokan Senomotokan

September 1, 1989
Shigeki Kobayashi appointed as the second representative director

August 10, 1995
Renovated "Ryokan Senomotokan".
Reopened "Ryokan Yumerindo

March 6, 2002
Yumerindo Co., Ltd."
Construction and opening of "Annex Yumerindo Hanadomari

April 1, 2014
Reorganized "Senomotokan Joint Stock Company Se"
Unified as "Yumerindo Co., Ltd."

September 1, 2014
New system "Restart / Dynamic / Yumerindo" started

October 21, 1st year of Reiwa
Yumerindo Co., Ltd." certified as a bright company by Kumamoto Prefecture


Shigeki Kobayashi

Year of establishment


number of employees

32 people


66 million

amount of sales

290 million

Office address

6430-1 Manganji, Minamioguni Town, Aso County, Kumamoto Prefecture

Recruitment record

Reiwa 3rd year
 2 new graduates (male) (female) 0
 Mid-career (male) 1 person (female) 0 people

First year of Reiwa
 0 new graduates (male) 0 (female)
 Mid-career (male) 0 (female) 1

 0 new graduates (male) 0 (female)
 Mid-career (male) 1 person (female) 0 people

 0 new graduates (male) 0 (female)
 Mid-career (male) 2 (female) 0