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Don't forget the heart of the once-in-a-lifetime meeting.We look forward to welcoming you.

  • 【General manager】 Hirofumi Nakanishi
    Birthday:November 3, 1960
    where one is from   :Saga City, Saga Prefecture
    Work history   :Worked for Daishin Construction Co., Ltd. (Housing Division) for 8 years
          Worked for Asahi Shimbun Nagasaki Sales Co., Ltd. (headquarters directly managed store manager) for 2 years
  • 【Services】 Rye Susant
    where one is from:Nepal
    hobby:Hot spring tour
    dreams:Becoming a manager at a hotel in Nepal

    Since joining the company in 2021, he is a hard worker who has been steadily increasing his fans.
    His dream for the future is to become the manager of a hotel that delivers hospitality in Nepal.
    By the way, the greetings in Nepal are Namaste (a clever way of saying) and Sanze (a close greeting).Please talk to me.
  • 【Night front desk】 Tomofumi Shiraishi
    where one is from:Aso City Ichinomiya
    hobby:Eating sweets

    About 10 minutes by car from Yumerindo, Aso inscription shop, Once pastry shop alone in the corner of Chez Thani, cake Hobaru small father has stomach happy face, it might Shiraishi's Yumerindo

    If you are worried about choosing souvenirs for sweets, or if you are worried about Aso City (Aso Station), please ask.We will respond with the advice of the locals.
  • 【Services】 Kazuki Kamoike
    where one is from:Fukuoka City Tenjin
    hobby:Something to say

    Joined the company in 2021.A good young man who loves to talk to customers more than three meals and is like a young man born for hospitality.The expression that tells us that there is a mountain of things we want to talk to our customers is the most lively in Yumerindo
    I love to eat and I'm eating out here and there.
    Kurokawa Onsen gourmet, leave it to him.
  • 【Front desk】 Mayo Hamasaki
    where one is from:Aso Minamioguni
    hobby:Making sweets

    We are trying to serve customers with peace of mind.
    We also accept travel notebooks, so please feel free to ask.
  • 【Repair】 Mr. Miyazaki
    where one is from:Aso Oguni

    Yumerindo reliable shop that handles the repair of the Yumerindo Main Building.
    The local vegetables / fruits that can be obtained in the garden are excellent.
  • 【Manager]Genji Nakao
    where one is from:Kawashiri, Kumamoto City
    hobby:Drinking alcohol.

    Yumerindo's proud Aso and hot spring sommelier.
    If you have any questions about sightseeing, please ask.
  • 【Front desk】 Akiyoshi Kurumi
    where one is from:Aso Oguni Town(Waita Onsen)
    hobby:Gardening ocarina

    Aso's secret hot spring, Waita Onsen, is also a good place.
    Please come.
  • 【Chief chef】 Michi Seigo
    Appointed as Chief Chef of Yumerindo Co., Ltd.
  • where one is from:Suizenji, Kumamoto City
    hobby:Oguni gourmet trip.
    dreams:Kurokawa Onsen works set in Kurokawa Onsen.

    What is the "peace" of Kurokawa OnsenYumerindo's "fun"?
    Every day, I am involved in the work of creating the present and future of such an inn, thinking about what can be done for the customers who come and what can be prepared for everyone who comes, while asking friends and myself.What is the inscription on the right? "Start from the sword"Everyone, if you have any ideas or opinions, please let us know!

    Joined the company in 2019.From the night front desk, where I hoped that the service experience of working at a certain convenience & store for 15 years would be useful, I went through the front desk and service to the present.Yumerindo is struggling every day to become a shop for everything!

  • 【President]Shigeki Kobayashi
    where one is from:Aso Minamioguni
  • 【Managing Director]Shintaro Kobayashi
    where one is from:Aso Minamioguni
    hobby:Photo / video shooting
    dreams:To get married.

    A photo of the staff and the power spot Oshido Noishi.
    Throw everything at any time!
    *The picture is a picture of the managing director looking for the best shot.


Thank you for your Yumerindo"Yumerindo".

  • It renewed to Senomotokan Yumerindo from the Senomotokan in 1995.
    Thank you for your patronage of many customers during the time of Senomotokan
    We would like to continue to convey the appeal of Kurokawa Onsen
    With the motto of gentian flower language "true kindness", we will welcome all of you with customer service, so please relax and relax.

About this facility

We would like to introduce the five features of this facility.

1. Location overlooking the Kurokawa Onsen Town

  • This facility is located on a hill facing Tanoharu River, in a location that welcomes visitors to Kurokawa Onsen
    From the lobby, you can overlook various expressions Kurokawa Onsen Town

2. Calm design like Kurokawa Onsen

  • It is wrapped in a calm color that is well thought out in harmony with nature.
    Indirect lighting on the terrace in the corridor seems to heal the tired mind of the trip.

3. Full bath facilities such as private baths, large open-air baths, bedrock baths, and saunas(Free flowing Hot Springs directly from the source)

  • The hot springs that spring from your own source are sulfate springs that can be expected to have a skin resuscitation effect, so you can get smooth skin.
    It has a large open-air bath, a private bath, a mixed bath, and even a bedrock bath, so it seems that you can enjoy visiting the hot springs in this facility.

4. Kaiseki cuisine with the heart of "hospitality" by the chief chef of craftsmanship

  • Many repeaters come to the restaurant for dishes made with fresh local ingredients.
    The chief chef is working hard to meet the expectations of his customers.

5. Kurokawa only customer With a coordinated hot spring, the annex "Hanadomari" is very convenient.

  • The annex "Hanadomari" is a remote type accommodation with a hot spring where you can coordinate your own relaxing time.
    Many customers are combining it with Yumerindo

Kurokawa Onsen, which is full of nature that makes you remember nostalgia, is also ideal as a sightseeing base for Aso, Kuju, and Yufuin

A leisurely night is waiting for you.