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About cooking

Aso and Minamioguni here, and there are abundant sweet ingredients of highland vegetables.
The chief chef's passion, "I want you to enjoy it with your eyes and enjoy it with your tongue," is studded everywhere with local products that are in season for kaiseki cuisine at this facility.
From appetizers to desserts, enjoy hearty dishes.
*The contents will change depending on the purchase on Monday and Sunday.
For more information, please call us directly.

Gorgeous to satisfy your eyes and tongue"Yume Kaiseki Meal"

We offer kaiseki cuisine that is a mixture of Japanese and Western styles that makes full use of local ingredients and is particular about local production for local consumption.
  • Dinner

    It is a gorgeous "Yume Kaiseki Meal" that will satisfy your eyes and tongue.
    Kaiseki cuisine using plenty of seasonal ingredients will be prepared at the restaurant.
    *Supper is ready from 18:00.Please contact us in advance if you arrive late.
    *Please change into a yukata when you come to the restaurant.

    "An example of a Yume Kaiseki Meal"
     Shunsai garland chrysanthemum soaked sweetfish Kanro-ni chicken pine-style royal fern with white sauce, etc.
     Konabe Local Vegetable Dengaku and Local Chicken Miso
     Sea bream from Amakusa
     Grilled fish Ayu from Amagase grilled with salt
     Specialty Aso gentian pork kakuni and homemade Aso takana
     Spare bowl Higo Ajisai beef grilled on a ceramic plate,Served with local vegetables
     Fried seasonal tempura
     Rice bowl Kyoto miso tailoring
     Freshly cooked rice from Minamioguni and homemade Akigeshiki
     Sweetness Kumamoto Oaki persimmon,Pumpkin pudding
     *Since we use carefully selected ingredients every day, we may change the menu.
  • Breakfast

    It is a healthy Japanese food using fresh local vegetables.
    The rice used is Akigeshiki Produced in Minamioguni Town
    *Breakfast is prepared from 8:00.
  • Children's lunch

User guide

  • Dining

    Meals are prepared at the Yumehitoe" both in the morning and in the evening.

    It can be used by 3 or more people.
    However, we may not be able to meet your request because we will give priority to plan

    In addition, reservations are required for room meals in advance.We do not accept applications after arrival on the day.
    For customers who wish to eat in a room, please make a reservation with plan
  • Meal time

    【Supper time】We will prepare from 18:00.
    【Breakfast time】We will prepare from 8:00.