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Employee life support

Supporting employees' independence in life

It is very difficult to change the environment and start a new life.
Yumerindo offers five major supports because you don't want to worry about your life.
*Yumerindo Co., Ltd. is a bright company certified by Kumamoto Prefecture.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.
Yumerindo will continue to create a comfortable working environment.
  • 1. Supporting new life in employee dormitories

    In the dormitory, we have prepared the minimum household appliances necessary for a new life.
    Refrigerator, washing machine, TV, air conditioner, gas stove, internet environment (Wifi), etc.
    Normally, the monthly dormitory fee of 9300 yen is exempted for a certain period if you are a new graduate.
  • 2. Supporting employee meals

    Arrange a lunch box from "Kiyora-casa" in Minamioguni
    You can enjoy delicious local dishes with bento boxes made from locally produced and locally consumed ingredients.
    The company will subsidize 200 yen, which is half the lunch box fee (400 yen per meal).
  • 3. 3. Refreshment leave system during off-season

    We recommend that you take a long vacation as a refreshment vacation during off-seasons such as January, June, and July.
    By setting consecutive closed days, we make it easy to spend paid holidays.
    By planning your holidays, you can enjoy your holidays economically and gently.
  • Four. Scholarship repayment support support system

    We are a registered business operator of repayment support system such as Furusato Kumamoto Scholarship.
    We support monthly scholarship repayment in cooperation with Kumamoto Prefecture.
  • Five. Supports various career advancements

    We provide etiquette training, English conversation training, and Kurokawa training (all free of charge) through the inn association.
    Participate in various trainings, and after 6 months, we will raise the salary base.
    Even if you have no experience, you can participate in training and executive management meetings if you are motivated, and you can also make a management plan together.